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Fishing Report

Fall Coho


October 2016

The Fall is a very good time to fish.  Coho Salmon are in the rivers and the angling is very good.  Yesterday, four fishermen landed over 20 salmon in the 6 to 16 pound range.  Along with the salmon there were at least ten good size Bull Trout hooked.  Excellent fishing should continue well into November as more runs of salmon enter our rivers.  Sore arms from fighting strong fish is a pain we can live with.

We are using single and double handed fly rods with brightly coloured flies in chartreuse and pink.  Coho inhabit slower water with little flow.  Flies are cast and retrieved through this “dead water” at various speeds.  It is heart-stopping when fish hit the flies and immediately become airborne.

All of our waters are fishing well at this time of year, including lakes.  Trout are feeding voraciously in order to put on some weight for the winter months.  Leeches retrieved on a full sink line attract some of the biggest fish of the season

It is time to enjoy some of the best angling available before putting our gear away for the colder weather ahead.

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