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June 2014

With the first warm weather stretch of the year upon us we will continue to see good fishing in our local lakes. Starting in the lower elevation lakes of Alta, Alpha and Lost Lakes, fishing is mainly for Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout. As the season progresses we will travel higher in elevation looking for cooler water temperatures.  Leech patterns and wooly buggers will do well, with good midge hatches producing limited dry fly action until the emergence of our ‘flying ants'. With these large black flying ants comes some of our best dry fly action of the season, usually during the first real heat of the spring. Fishing during the middle of the day, when the ants are on the move, is the key, once evening hits the daily migration is over and so is the dry fly fishing.

Flies to have in your box during this season would be black foam ants, elk hair caddis, Lady McConnoll (midge emerger), black and brown bead head leech, wolly buggers and some stickleback patterns for Alta Lake. With these 6 patterns you could cover most fishing opportunities in the Whistler valley for the next few weeks, or until these local lakes get to warm and you must travel higher in elevation to get good fishing.

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