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Fishing Report

Happy New Year 2017!

We hope that one of your New Year’s resolutions was to catch more and bigger fish.  It would be our pleasure to help with that.

However, we are in the midst of a serious, old-time winter with snow and freezing temperatures all the way to Vancouver.  Below zero temperatures do not allow us to fish as reels freeze and line guides jam with ice.  This cold weather won’t last forever and once seasonal temperatures return it will be time to start fishing.  Our first targeted species will be Bull Trout.  These fish are in the rivers year-round and have been getting larger and larger each year.  As the salmon fry begin to appear, the Bull Trout become very active feeding on the tiny fish.  About the same time, the first winter steelhead begin to enter our rivers.  Usually, there are just a few here and there.  As we move through February and into March/April the bulk of the run is in.  We fish for both Bull Trout and steelhead with a similar swung fly technique.  Weighted flies and sinking tips get our offering to where the fish hang out – near the bottom.

It won’t be long now.  Stay in touch with us for the latest condition reports.  We are keen too.

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