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Fishing Report

May 4, 2017

It is Stillwater time and for those of you who don’t know what that means, it is lake time.  We had a very good late winter/spring fishery on our local rivers with catches of large Bull Trout and some nice Steelhead.  However, with warmer than normal temperatures the rivers began to run high and dirty a few weeks early.  So, we are concentrating on our local lakes, especially the lower to mid-elevation waters that are a relatively short drive from Whistler.  We have been catching some healthy Rainbow Trout over the last few weeks and expect good fishing to continue.  The larger (2 pounds plus) fish are more difficult to catch but for the patient angler, the rewards are worth the effort.  For the less experienced and for the kids, we have lakes with many, many smaller (10”—14”) fish ready to attack your fly.

Early season flies are mostly fished wet (under the surface), but as we begin to experience warmer temperatures, dry flies (on the surface) will become a part of our strategy.  Wet fly patterns include all sizes of leeches (black, olive, red), damsel flies and caddis imitations.  The go-to dry flies are Elk Hair Caddis and Tom Thumbs in smaller sizes.  We can also introduce proficient fly fishers to Chironomid (midge) fishing.  Chironomids account for a large part of the trout diet and proven methods can provide almost non-stop action when the hatch is on. 

Whatever your experience, this is the time to come out and enjoy uncrowded waters with one of our enthusiastic guides.  We delight in taking our guests out fly fishing, the original Whistler experience.


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