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After a hot and sunny summer with a great return of Pink Salmon, Autumn is finally settling in. Trees are turning orange and yellow, bald eagles are slowly coming back to Squamish to spend the winter, and bears are grabbing their last few meals before hibernation.

Pinks are fading away making room for bigger fish to come in to the system, and will spawn as well. It’s Coho season and the rivers are getting active! Coho are the players and tail dancers of Salmon, and a fun fish to get on your line.

Once the Coho spawn, the trout fishing should pick up again once again on the river, but now is the time to fish for the big boys. Fishing on the lakes is wrapping up as they start to hibernate for the winter. We look forward to being back on them next Spring.

If you are interested in booking a trip with us to finish up 2021, or planning ahead for 2022... give us a call, or email us and we can arrange it.

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