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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

July has finally arrived, and with it an unprecedented heat wave here in B.C. River levels are slowly starting to drop after this last bout of heat, and the rivers will start to show us their new route. They should become fishable very soon with great opportunity for nymph and streamer fishing, and by the end of the month the dry fly fishing should be in full swing for those wild rainbows.

Lakes wise, the spring has provided some phenomenal fishing opportunities! As we move into the summer we will start to fish colder water lake (glacier fed lake) or higher elevation waters. Water temperature have become too hot to fish in some of the valley lakes not fed by glaciers.

It is very important to be mindful of the water temperature when you fish at this time of year, and practice catch and release. Be aware if the water is too warm at the surface it could reduce the chances of a good recovery for the fish.

We are excited to report that this year is an odd year. 2021 means the Pink Salmon should be running near the end of July! We are all hoping for an opening and planning for some special trips to fish for these beauties. Pinks are fun to fish for, usually between 4-6 lbs on average, and coming fresh from the ocean to the rivers.

If you'd like to plan a fishing trip with Whistler Fishing Guides, we can do singles, 2 people, or custom groups. Give us a call, or email to find out more.... but don't miss out on this year's chance to catch a Pink!

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