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June Fishing Report

June is a very fishy month. Almost all of our lakes are fishing well from those at lower elevations to those near 4,000 feet. Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout are actively feeding following their May spawning cycle. The long winter and recent spawning find the trout very hungry and eager to put on some weight. June water temperatures are typically cool and in the range at which trout are most active.

Once the summer heat is on us, the lake water warms up and the fish are generally tougher to catch. Most of our trips involve float tubing on our smaller lakes with guides close at hand to assist.

We take anglers of all abilities from first-timers to seasoned fly fishers. If you have been thinking about trying fly fishing, this is the time to get out there. Father's Day is approaching! If you want to give your favourite Fisherman something he will really love... gift him a trip with Whistler Fishing Guides. It makes for a great gift that can be used now or for a future trip. Email us at to purchase and we will send a Gift Certificates Letter in time for Father's Day through email.

Happy Fishing!

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