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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

September is here bringing cooler nights, but the days are still very warm. You can feel the hints of Autumn just around the corner with the trees slowly starting to change colours. This is an awesome time of the year for fishing, and as the lakes get colder the fishing is about to be in its prime for the next two months.

On the lakes Fall always gives us fishers some great hatch activity. The fish get very feisty at the opportunity for a good meal after a long summer of particularly warm water where they do not move or feed as much.

On the rivers, we still see a good push of fresh pink salmon coming in. The run is healthy and there are plenty of fish to catch. The trout fishing is about to get better with all those salmon spawning. With the onset of cooler Fall nights it should also clear the river a bit more and will help to improve the trout fishing.

What to look forward to? The end of September and early October should bring the Cohos and Chums back to Squamish. Time to play with the big boys -- at that time these fish are fun, aggressive, and big! They love to bite and will play back hard on the rod once hooked.

So lots of fishing fun still to be had....keep posted for more updates. If you are looking for a good day out on the rivers or lakes of Sea to Sky Country, get in touch to book a trip with Whistler Fishing Guides.

Below: Pink Salmon catch - Sept 2021

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