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Pink salmon is a species of salmon that spawn in rivers and streams along the west coast of North America, including British Columbia, Canada. The Squamish River in British Columbia is one significant river where pink salmon return to spawn. Pink salmon hatch from eggs in freshwater streams and spend their first few months in them before migrating to the Ocean. After 18 months in the Ocean, adult pink salmon return to their streams to spawn. Pink salmon fishing is officially open as of July 2025. We typically​ see pink salmon entering the Squamish River from mid-July onwards. Embarking on pink salmon fishing trips presents a remarkable opportunity for families to engage in thrilling outings, catching wild salmon while appreciating the surrounding wildlife and the scenic landscape of the Squamish River. It will also please the more die-hard angler seeking a unique experience as we have the rare opportunity to fish for them a few kilometres away from the Ocean—pink salmon average around 4-8lbs; a perfect size for a seasoned angler or beginner-level individual. Come and join us from mid-July onwards in fishing for wild salmon!


One Person $350 CDN 

2 or more people per trip $199 CDN per person 

Must be able to meet in Squamish for this trip. 

(Youth ages 12 to 15 at least one adult must accompany youth)


$450 CDN per person

Two or more adults - $270 CDN per person

Youth (ages 12 to 15 at least one adult must accompany youth)


 $600 CDN per person or

Two or more adults $375 CDN per person

 Youth (ages 12 to 15 at least one adult must accompany youth)

We provide all the necessary fishing gear and pickup and drop off to and from your location in Whistler. Trips do not include lunch or a BC freshwater fishing license. 



  • Dress weather appropriate for your trip day, comfortable clothes to fit under the fishing waders, long underwear, sweatpants, extra socks, jacket, fleece, and rain jacket. 

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat & camera

  • Snacks, beverages and lunch

  • Apply for your BC freshwater fishing license online before the trip

*Prices do not include taxes, gratuities or fishing licenses

For those new to fishing, booking a trip with a fly fishing guide does not guarantee that you will catch a fish. There are a lot of factors that go into making a fish bite. Our experienced guides will walk you through each step of the process to give you the highest likelihood of success.


Cancellation Policy

Cancelling within 48 hours or less of your trip will result in a full trip charge. If high water or stormy weather makes the trip unsafe, we will notify you and cancel the trip without charge.


Payments is taken at the end of your trip, cash and all major credit cards are accepted via Square Reader.

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