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While it hasn’t felt too much like spring, this is the time to capitalize on some of our area’s best angling. Local lakes are ice free and with water levels permitting, steelhead and bull trout can be caught in rivers. Typically, we are fishing smaller lakes with wet flies (leeches, woolly buggers and streamers) from float tubes. Stationary casting or a slow troll will usually do the trick. The first warm weather will initiate the annual flying black ant hatches. Trout will go into a feeding frenzy allowing for great dry fly fishing. River fishing can require some previous experience and is accessed on foot or on float trips. If you don’t have experience and are willing to learn, we will guide you through the process. Lakes are fished with 4-6 wt. rods while rivers require heavier 8-9 wt. We provide a selection suitable for the water to be fished.

This is a good time to brush up on your casting and all the strategies it takes to be successful. Our guides can coach you on both. We will also suggest the right gear for each water to be fished should you want to purchase new equipment.

This may be the slow time in Whistler for tourists but can be one of the best times to fish. Trout have yet to be fished over and the crowds are absent. The views are exceptional, and the guides are engaging. Whether you are a first timer or have years of experience, it is time to get out there.

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